Day 1 - Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Exhibits & Cocktail Reception
Exhibits: 2:00-5:30
Exhibit Hall Cocktail Reception: 5:30-7:30

Conference Sessions


Opening Keynote & Banquet Luncheon

Keynote Speaker

Anthony E. Zuiker, Creator and Executive Producer of CSI

Breakout Sessions

Track 1 – The New Content Marketplace

Energizing Interactivity: ACR, Companion Devices and Augmented Reality
Automatic content recognition could greatly accelerate scaling of interactive applications and advertising. Augmented reality is gaining traction here and there. Companion device apps are a hot topic in service provider strategies. But in all cases there are practical issues that must be addressed if these innovations are to have the mass market impact that’s been missing in ITV. Ideas about how this can be done will be the focus of this discussion.

Dan Eakins
, CEO, Zeitera
Graham Oakes, CEO, Media Science International and Ezee Studios, & Chairman, Digital
Watermarking Alliance
Andy Nobbs, Chief Commerical Officer, Civolution
Aslam Khader, Chief Technology & Product Officer, Ensequence
David Jones, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Shazam
Moderator: Gary Arlen, Principal, Arlen Communications


Track 2 – Progress and Challenges in Advanced Advertising

The Prospects for an Actionable Data Framework
From behavioral analytics that help define and find the people advertisers are looking for to measuring what happens when they do, the role of data has emerged as key to achieving advanced advertising goals. In this discussion, industry leaders will explore strengths and weaknesses in various online, TV and mobile data environments and identify innovations that could take advertisers where they want to go.

William Feininger
, SVP, Media Measurement, FourthWall Media
Scott Brown, SVP, Digital Platforms, Nielsen
William Merchan, VP, Business Development, MarketShare
Moderator: Suzanne Rainey, Principal, Accord Media Group

Track 3 – Service Provider Strategies

Multi-Device Service Migration: Carving a Path between Too Fast and Too Slow
There's widespread consensus that the end game is all-IP, but ideas about how to get there and at what pace are all over the lot. The good news is, operators have a broad range of vendor options to choose from. Factors that go into deciding what path to take and how various options can be used to support the decision will be central to this discussion.

James Field
, director of technology, NDS
Robin Wilson, Vice President, Business Development, NAGRA
Jay Chambers, Vice President, Business Development Edge Media Processing ARRIS, Inc
Tom Carroux, Sales Director, Digital Television, Irdeto
Mark Jeffery, Senior Director, Cable Video Solutions, Alcatel-Lucent
Moderator – Paul Erickson, Senior Analyst, Consumer Electronics Research Group, IMS



General Session

UltraViolet: Can Hollywood Succeed at Standardizing Electronic Sell-Through?
Hollywood studios, along with technology providers, consumer device makers, entertainment retailers and video service providers, have banded together in a collaborative effort to create UltraViolet – a groundbreaking ecosystem that overcomes the fragmentation of today's video market by providing consumers a new way to collect and enjoy "home video" entertainment. Other new ecosystems are in play as well, all with similar questions still to be answered. What are consumers willing to pay? How will the benefits of UltraViolet and other platforms be marketed to generate mass consumer interest? What is the state of implementation among Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem members and UltraViolet licensees? Can multiple EST ecosystems co-exist for long? These topics and more will be the focus of this discussion.

Mark Teitell
, GM, Ultraviolet
Corey Ferengul, EVP, Products, Rovi
Timothy Dodd, VP & GM, Neustar Media
Richard Berger, SVP, Global Digital Strategy & Operations, Sony Pictures Home

Steven Chester, VP of Film, Akamai Technologies
Moderator: William Markey, President, Relevant C Business Group


General Session

Finding a Winning Edge in the Battle for Subscribers
As competition intensifies service providers are pulling out all the stops in their efforts to build revenues. Are multi-screen TV Everywhere services panning out? Is Home Premier a winner? Are new navigation systems tied to blended premium and over-the-top services making a difference? Are value-adds like whole-home network management, home security and energy management producing results? Leaders weigh in with their views on which service innovations are resonating with consumers.

Ann Shaub,
Director, Connected Home & CPE,Verizon
Tom Sauer, Vice President, Corporate Strategy, AT&T
Susan Simmons, SVP & Managing Director of CSMG, TMNG Global
Mark Mangiola, Venture Partner, Canaan Partners
Moderator: Bob Gold, President, Bob Gold & Associates

Exhibit Hall Cocktail Reception

Day 2 – Thursday, December 1, 2011

Registration & Continental Breakfast

10:00-5:30 (Box Lunch 12:30-2:00)

Conference Sessions


Keynote & Executive Roundtable

TV Advertising Everywhere: Challenges and Solutions

Proactive steps aimed at turning time-shifted viewing to advertisers’ and programmers’ advantage are paying dividends, but on a very limited scale. Industry leaders discuss what needs to be done to realize the potential of contextual advertising, interactive engagement and addressability in the multi-screen marketplace.

Keynote: Shelly Palmer, Managing Director, Advanced Media Ventures Group, LLC, &,
President, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Executive Roundtable:

Tim McAtee, Research Director, MAGNAGLOBAL and IPG Media Labs
Art Raymond, CEO, Levels Beyond
Moderator: Shelly Palmer, Managing Director, Advanced Media Ventures Group, LLC, &,
President, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences



Breakout Sessions

Track 1:
The New Content Marketplace

3DTV Reality Check – Is there a Roadmap to Success?
Not surprisingly, given the paucity of content and costs of TVs, the uptake on 3DTV has been slow. But the lag in home adoption has prompted second thoughts as box-office performance for 3D has grown more uneven. What will it take to drive more momentum into 3DTV? Judge for yourself whether experts’ answers to that question have merit.

Steve Shannon
, EVP of Consumer Electronics, RealD
Rick Dean, chairman, 3D@Home Consortium, SVP, THX
Will Gaddy, CTO, HDlogix
Dan Schinasi, Senior Marketing manager, HDTV Product Planning, Samsung
Moderator – Paul Erickson, Senior Analyst, Consumer Electronics Research Group, IMS

Track 2 – Progress and Challenges in Advanced Advertising

First Screenings: New Directions in ITV
The emergence of a cable-built mass market launch pad for ITV is driving app development to new heights in functionality, graphic appeal and revenue potential. We'll spend this hour sampling and discussing some examples of what's taking shape in the ITV, T-Commerce and interactive advertising spaces.

M. Ellen Dudar
, Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder, FourthWall Media     
Shelly Palmer, Managing Director, Advanced Media Ventures Group, LLC, &,
President, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Ryan Stranahan, Manager for North America, Visiware
Andy Addis, SVP, Business Development - Service Providers, Ensequence
Moderator: Randy Giusto,  SVP, Technology Research, Ipsos Vantis

Track 3 – Service Provider Strategies

Forging Media Gateway Strategies
Reasons for implementing media gateways vary from one service provider to the next, but there’s no denying the IP-enabled plug-and-play household is at hand. Where are the sweet spots in the cost/benefit analysis? What are the functionality and navigation requirements? How does the gateway lower costs of IP migration? This session will explore vendor options are as well as factors to be considered in building a cost/benefit case for introducing media gateways.

James Field,
director of technology, NDS
Joe Matarese, Vice President/General Manager, MCS, ARRIS
Steve McKay, CEO, Entone
Moderator: Jonathan Hurd, Director, Altman Vilandrie & Co.



General Session

The New Perspective on Multi-Screen Service Management
Combining IP-based backend content management with advanced CDN capabilities creates a migration framework that supports virtually any approach to building multi-device services. This realization, expressed in service provider RFPs worldwide, is driving new solutions and deployment strategies that point to where the market will be going in the year ahead.

Julien Signès
, President & CEO, Envivio
Tom Lattie, VP, Product Management, Production, Playout & Multiscreen, Harmonic, Inc.
John Gildred, Founder & CTO, SyncTV
Sam Blackman, Chairman & CEO, Elemental
Moderator: Bob Gold, President, Bob Gold & Associates

Exhibit Hall Box Lunch

Breakout Sessions

Track 1 – The New Content Marketplace

New Approaches to Driving CE Manufacturers' OTT Strategies
As the market base for connected TVs grows, aggregators, applications developers and advertising strategists are working with OEMs to make over-the-top viewing more appealing to consumers and more lucrative for suppliers.  Will these efforts pay off? This session will explore these new strategies and their prospects for success.

Rex Harris
, media supervisor, Video Innovations Group, SMGx, Starcom MediaVest Group
Matthew Scheybeler, Chief Technology Officer, blinkx
Ken Lowe, VP, strategic marketing, Sigma Designs
Bill Sheppard, Chief Digital Media Officer, Oracle Java Development Group
Moderator: Jonathan Weitz, Partner, IBB Consulting, LLC

Track 2 – Progress and Challenges in Advanced Advertising

Advertising in Mobile Video: What Works, What Doesn't?
Much to many people's surprise viewing of long-form video on mobile has gone mainstream, bringing with it new ways to engage consumers with advertising. But what works? So far location-based advertising has produced mixed results. Contextual advertising with special apps may be a winner, but it takes a lot of work. Learn what leading players are discovering to be the real opportunities in mobile video.

Frank Chindamo
, President & CEO, Fun Little Movies
Pavan Mandhani, CEO, Mobifusion
Moderator: Josh Wein, Communications Daily

Track 3 – Service Provider Strategies

Achieving Distribution Goals for TV Everywhere
Network service providers are building CDNs and tapping new approaches to transcoding,  adaptive streaming and content protection to deliver premium services on demand to all devices, including connected TVs and set-tops. Learn how all this is coming together to create a distribution system appropriate to the rigorous QoS and security requirements of premium content.

Steve Christian, VP, marketing, Verimatrix
Louisa Shipnuck, Chief Marketing Strategist, Verizon Digital Media Services
Andrew Grant, Senior Marketing Manager, Media & Entertainment Industry, Akamai
Brick Eksten, President, Digital Rapids
Moderator: William Markey, President, Relevant C Business Group


General Session

Mastering Dynamic Advertising: Knowledge is Power for TV Networks

The tools are at hand for programming networks to take control of the dynamic advertising agenda. But first they must build the organizational expertise essential to cutting through inertia. Industry experts explore the potential payoffs for programmers and what needs to be done to get there.

John Reister
, Vice President, Product Strategy Edge Media Processing ARRIS, Inc

Melanie Roderick, Director, Broadcast, Media Storm
Joni Kinsley, VP of Product of Development at Avail-TVN
Moderator: Ben Mendelson, President, Interactive Television Alliance



Special Event

Window on Tomorrow: Young Consumers Symposium

The Window on Tomorrow Youth Symposium brings young people together with youth culture and education experts to explore how online technology and devices are shaping the tastes and usage patterns of a new generation of consumers.


Expert Roundtable: Research Findings & New Ideas
Speakers share new research examining young people’s engagement with online entertainment, social networking and new modes of learning and how those usage patterns are impacting product development, branding and marketing. These experts will also present new concepts in education support that go beyond long-standing e-learning tools to facilitate classroom instruction in an era of stringent restraints on education resources.

Kathleen Gasperini
, Founding Partner & SVP, Label Networks
Lisa Gillis, President/CEO, Integrated Educational Strategies, Inc.
Eric Simons, Founder, Class Connect
John Gillis, New Media Specialist, Integrated Educational Strategies
Moderator: Dan Coates, President, YPulse


Young People’s Panel
Students from grades 7 through college sit with the symposium’s experts to discuss how their personal experiences are tracking with the research and to offer their responses to some of the new educational ideas presented in the previous session. The discussion will probe young people’s views on the pros and cons of today’s connected-life culture; the viral paths that are proving effective in fostering peer group responses to new content, gadgets and websites; what they’re looking for from providers of premium entertainment, and how online resources are affecting their learning experiences.

Moderator: Dan Coates, President, YPulse


Wine & Cheese Reception

Day 3 – Friday, December 2, 2011

Registration & Continental Breakfast


Conference Sessions



Nate Williams, Head of Product Marketing and Sr. Director, Converged Experiences, Motorola Mobility

General Session


Cross-Sector Dance: Opportunities for New Alliances among CE, SP and Content Players
Consumer electronics companies are finding they need content if they’re going to move consumers in the OTT space. Network service providers want to provide consumers a better experience. And content suppliers want to reach people wherever they are without cannibalizing the subscription market. Learn how all segments are finding ways to work together to serve these interests.

Spencer Wang, Managing Director, Head of US Media & Internet Equity Research, Credit
Laura Martin, Managing Director, Needham & Co. lmartin@needhamco.com
Moderator: Fred Dawson, Editor, ScreenPlays

Breakout Sessions

Track 1 – The New Content Marketplace

Creative Juggernaut: The Growing Impact of Web Video Producers
Some are leveraging exposure on YouTube. Others are contributing programming to Web TV portals. As independent producers draw audiences, they’re attracting advertisers who see great value in reaching high-value young audiences. This session will sample some of these productions as experts assess the long-range implications of entertainment consumption outside the TV programming mainstream.

Steven Horn
, VP, programming, Metacafe
Michael Arrieta, CEO, Big Air Studios
Gregory Ellis, VP, Business Development & Sales, DaCast
Moderator: Gary Arlen, Principal, Arlen Communications

Track 2 – Progress and Challenges in Advanced Advertising

Riding the Next Wave in Personalized Navigation & Social Networking
As viewing options multiply and audiences fragment, personalization of the TV program viewing experience through recommendation- and search-driven navigation, user-specific advertising and social networking applications serves two purposes at once: it creates an altogether new, compelling viewing experience for subscribers and it helps content owners and service providers derive greater value from programming exposure. Learn how these benefits are being realized through real-world implementations of next-generation personalization platforms.

Tom Weiss
, GM of TV Genius at Red Bee Media
Somrat Niyogi, CEO & Founder, Miso
Mark Ruxin, CEO, Founder TastemakerX
Moderator: Jonathan Weitz, Partner, IBB Consulting, LLC


Closing General Session

The Cloud-Enhanced Convergence Engine Room
For service providers and content suppliers alike the seamless integration of cloud- and premises-based operations components opens a way to respond to market opportunities with the flexibility, cost efficiency and scale that are essential to doing business in a multi-screen marketplace. Learn how new ways to enhance back-office support, workflow management, middleware functionalities, distribution resources and advanced end-user applications are changing the cost/benefit equation for converged services.

Steve Davi,
SVP, Advanced Technology, SeaChange International
Alex Keighley, VP, Sales and Marketing, Bitcentral
Cassidy Shield, Head of Cloud and Content Marketing, Global Solutions Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent

José de Francisco, Director of Cloud Computing Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent
Ted May, SVP, Synacor
Moderator: Allan McLennan, President & Founder, PADEM Group


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